• Drama, Biography
  • 1h 42m
Release Date: April/2019

In the midst of the collapsing USSR, the favorite stand-up comedian of the regime begins challenging censorship. The year is 1984, and Boris Arkadiev, a fictional Soviet stand-up comedian, is unraveling under the weight of fame, censorship, KGB “patronage,” and his own insecurities. Finally, the comedian snaps and - armed with the exotic American notion of “insult humor” - takes his revenge. “Screenwriter Michael Idov makes an impressive directing debut with the super-smart, confidently lensed “The Humorist”. Idov’s exceptionally clever dialogue is matched with a sharp understanding of the structure, culminating in a terrific bathhouse scene with more than casual nods not just to “Julius Caesar” but to the whole fall of the Roman Empire.” - VARIETY ★★★★½ - Sarah McMullan, Radio NZ “Bitingly satirical… Razor sharp, whip smart”