Lullaby (2010)

  • Drama
  • 1h 38m
Release Date: April/2010

Since his wife Josephine died, Sam lost his way. Abandoning the bar where he used to perform dazzling concerts, he spends his nights alone in the hotel room where he first met her. The hotels concierge, George, his best friend and mischievous guardian angel, takes on to shaking Sams world by messing with the hotel keys. One night, a distressed girl thus burst into Sams shelter and locks herself in the bathroom.

Lulled by Sams comforting voice, Pi, as fragile and mysterious as her name, suggests an odd seductive game: to meet again in this hotel room, to open up night after night through the bathroom door and to open it only when theyll be ready to love each other. Pi is the spark that Sam was waiting for to fire up his world and come back to life and on stage again