[REC] (2008)

  • Horror
  • 1h 18m
Release Date: April/2008

An ambitious young television reporter (Manuela Velasco) and her cameraman follow the crew on a call to rescue an elderly woman unable to escape the inferno that is consuming her home. What seemed to be a routine procedure, unexpectedly, turned into hell. Trapped inside the building, a couple of firemen and the TV crew have to confront an unknown and lethal horror. Something evil and sinister is spreading throughout the building, out of control. The television report takes an unexpectedly dark turn when the old lady plunges her teeth into the neck of the previously sympathetic fireman is simply sensational.

The live news report style in which it is filmed invoke a jarring sense of participation which makes Blair Witch feel cute, dated and comparatively boring.

The film is co-directed by Jaume Balaguero (DARKNESS) and Paco Plaza, who also share writing credits with Luis Berdejo. The hyper-realism of the teams’ script and frenzied direction ensure that the viewer is on edge throughout, with dread lurking down every hallway and around every corner. A huge cult hit in its native country, REC has already spawned an American remake, QUARANTINE (2008) and received much-deserved widespread critical acclaim.


Jaume Balagueró