The Liability (2012)

  • Comedy, Crime, Thriller
  • 1h 26m
Release Date: April/2012

This film is the story of a young guy who only wants to become a hitman and an old hitman who only wants to retire. They are thrown together on a ‘hit’ - a day’s drive away that will test their patience and tolerance for each other. When they do the job in the forests of Northumberland they realize there’s a problem - a young woman witnesses their crime. This is a thrilling and darkly comic portrayal of a son looking for a father, and an older man forced to become a mentor. Throughout this cinematic road trip across the wild North East of England, we encounter twists that will reveal a black secret that some people will kill to protect, and some will kill to uncover.


Craig Viveiros


Rupert Jermyn


Richard Johns


John Wrathall


James Friend

Film Editor

Pia Di Ciaula