Deluxe Cinemas are independent Boutique Cinemas located in The Tannery, Christchurch, voted best independent NZ cinema for two years in a row by the NZ Motion Picture Industry Council.

COVID-19 brought about many changes for Deluxe Cinemas and the entire cinema industry.

Hatched out of necessity, our Deluxe At Home platform provides easy access to a vast selection of quality films, many having just finished screening at Deluxe Cinemas and offered to customers to view in their own homes as and when they like.

Showcasing a vast curated selection of Festival Films, Foreign Films, Dramas, Comedies, Thrillers, Documentaries and selected Mainstream Releases, we trust this service will become your passport to some of the best Cinema can offer…

Rental prices are set by the Film Distributors from just $4.99 to $7.99.

Have a great night in at the movies.

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The Deluxe Cinemas at Home website is a ScreenPlus collaboration between Deluxe Cinemas and SHIFT72.

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